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  • New lifelong friends

  • Eligibility for military advanced pay grade programs

  • College scholarships

  • Community service hours both locally and state-wide

  • Sense of accomplishment from overcoming obstacles

  • Networking with the local and state professionals

  • Virtues of good citizenship and strong moral principles

  • Feelings of pride, camaraderie, respect, and honor

  • Participate in NSCC International Exchange Program

  • Ribbons earned based on individual and unit accomplishments

  • Shape capable and competent Sailors and Officers

  • Networking both locally and nationally

  • Earn rank as an officer within the program

  • Experience unique training opportunities in field, medical, scuba, special forces, STEM, and more.

  • Promote the value of an alcohol-free, drug-free, and gang-free lifestyle

  • Help build the next generation of leaders with good citizenship and strong moral principles

  • Equip today's youth with necessary knowledge to pursue their military or civilian career path

  • Learn military bearing, customs, and courtesies

  • Surround yourself with those who honor our veterans and the armed forces

  • Give back through our community service efforts

  • Earn Reserve Drill Time and/or Drill Time Points

  • Earn Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal

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