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Join As A Cadet

All applicants must be ages 10-17, possess good moral character, be drug free, and free of felony convictions.


Reach out to our Recruiting Officer, ENS Laura Martis, to discuss your interest in our program. ENS Martis will speak to you about any questions or concerns before your shadow date.

ENS Laura Martis



Join us for a drill weekend to ensure that our program is a great fit for you. Potential cadets will come dressed in jeans and a navy colored shirt. You will start your day by meeting ENS Martis in person who will introduce you to other officers and cadets. Potential cadets will then be integrated into the unit for the day and participate in the activities as long as you both wish to stay. A parent MUST remain on the property with the potential cadet during a shadow day for insurance purposes.

You both will stay in touch with ENS Martis throughout the day and ask questions while you decide if the program is right for your family.



Download and complete the registration paperwork HERE.



You will need to obtain the COMPLETE vaccine records and all cadets must be up to date on their vaccines. For the complete list of required vaccines you can click HERE.



A sports physical can be completed in a walk-in clinic, most chiropractors, or with a primary physician. The physician must complete our Sea Cadet physical form found within the paperwork in Step 3.  If a physical has been completed within the last couple of months, your physician can transfer the information over to our form rather than completing another physical. Many physicians will not require an appointment for this.



Send these 4 items to our Administration Officer:

  1. Complete Paperwork

  2. Vaccine Records

  3. Sports Physical (Sea Cadet Form)

  4. $300 Enrollment Fee: PAY HERE

Administration Officer
LTjg Neelyam Lugo-Ramos

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