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Hear from cadets that spent time at service academies for summer training events

— Elise Odom, NASS 2014 and USNA Class of 2019

“At NASS, I had the opportunity to live at the Naval Academy for six days and experience everything the academy has to offer. I took academic classes similar to those available to midshipmen, went to morning PEP, met many amazing midshipmen who were detailers, went to briefs about the admissions process and opportunities at the academy and lastly, learned about the academy’s many traditions...

— Srinidhi Nagireddy, USNA STEM 2015

“The STEM camp at USNA not only exposed me to many areas of science, technology, engineering and math, but also taught me how to work together with others and solve problems creatively, just as we do in our military.

“Going to STEM camp at the Naval Academy was a great opportunity for me and I am so grateful that I was chosen to go. The classes taught me a lot about different fields of engineering, and the professors explained everything and helped us when we had trouble grasping a concept.

— Melissa Snyder

— Xavier Garza,

“Sea Cadet trainings can teach you the basics of STEM, but at the USNA STEM camp they teach with a lot of depth and it will help your problem-solving skills, which develops a better leader overall, both as a cadet and as a civilian.

— Joseph Jones,
NASS 2014

“I attended the Naval Academy Summer Seminar, which was exciting, challenging and inspiring for a high school student. As a rising senior, the six days were a great taste of academy life as a midshipman.

“The modules we got to partake in were super cool. We programmed robots, discovered why the sky is blue, explored how helicopters were able to fly. The whole camp was an amazing experience, and I would recommend it to anybody who wants to have the experience of a lifetime.

— Nicholas Molineaux,

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