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Learn Basic, Advanced, and Combat Medicine

Attending one of the many U.S Naval Sea Cadet Corps medical trainings around the country offers cadets an opportunity to learn life saving skills and through hands-on experience, determine if the medical path is possibly a life long interest of theirs by professionals in the field. These training's may include general Military Field Ops/Corpsman training and/or specialized training in surgical, dental, and trauma fields. Along the way, cadets will learn treatment and triage along with the following depending upon which training they attend:

  • Starting IVs
  • Stitching (BOL)

  • Checking Heart Rates

  • Measuring Pulses

  • Applying Tourniquets

  • Treating Head Wounds

  • Medical Procedures Under Fire

  • Simulate Operation on Downed Soldiers

Advanced Medical - Pensacola, FL

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